We took up the legal profession out of a passion for law and a fervour for the case. Our work culture centres around professionalism, loyalty, and the quality of what we do. We cultivate a collegial and friendly work environment with strong cooperation within the team, where we base ourselves on open and honest communication.

Our in-house communication is informal, we call each other by first names, no academic titles involved, and we respect the principle of open doors. The work done by every member of the team is important, and we treat each other with great respect in line with this. We are aware that the aim is to solve the problem, and not stick to the hierarchy. We therefore regard seniority as merely a higher level of responsibility with respect to our colleagues and to the company in general; when dealing with a problem, we always opt for the best possible solution, regardless of who suggested that solution.

We support a strong level of respect among colleagues and efforts to continually improve and grow ourselves, trust in ourselves and in other members of the team. Expressing trust and adopting an individual approach are among the key aspects of our internal corporate culture. We do not see our particular assignments in isolation - what is important to us is to be aware of the contexts and commercial interests of our clients. We respect and support different types of personality and work styles and cultivate space for the individual development of each member of the team. We see diversity in our team as added value for the company as a whole.

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