Key Publishing s.r.o.  recently published a new professional title Compensation for Material and Non-material Damage in Civil and Commercial Relationships whose authors are Gabriel Achour and Martin Pelikán.

This volume summarises key issues concerning compensation for material and non-material damage. At the same time, it offers a manual for anyone wanting to bring a claim for compensation of material and/or non-material losses or perhaps needing to defend themselves against such an action.  The contents include chapters on enforcing claims for compensation in the court system (including criminal proceedings) and the specifics of compensating damage caused by members of corporate boards and bodies and damage incurred during employment relationships.

To enhance each explanation, a practical example is given at the end of every chapter. In some cases, this is accompanied by a model contractual clause, sample filing or other useful action in civil and commercial relationships. This new publication should provide orientation on the topic to laypeople and company managers as well as in-house lawyers, law students and other members of the professional (and academic) audience.

KEY Publishing s.r.o. specialises in the publication of technical titles, especially in the areas of law and economics, with the aim of reaching a large readership interested in new developments in law, economics and management. Compensation for Material and Non-material Damage in Civil and Commercial Relationships is KEY Publishing’s 337th title.

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